What's New at MDS

Tablet Inventory

Does counting your inventory take hours, if not a full day's work or two? Are you ready to cut that time in half? By using our new tablet based inventory, you now have the ability to immediately enter your manual counts directly into your system. Gone is the lag time between warehouse counting and data entry. Using a handheld tablet, this application is automatically synced to your database and updates your product inventory on-site. It features a wireless connection, so whether you are inside your warehouse or office, you'll be connected and providing the data critical for day to day business operations.

Be efficient: By using a handheld tablet, there is no longer the wait to enter data after the counts are completed. You can enter the counts immediately into your database. Reducing your lag time and allowing increased efficiency company wide.

Be accurate: Our system will flag you, immediately, if your amounts exceed a user-definable variance in the count. This minimizes the risk of employees mistyping data or entering incorrect information.

Improves workflow: With immediate on-site data entry, your inventory is updated quicker which improves workflow to fellow employees, managers and vendors, alike.

Tel-Sel Confirmation

Introducing our new Tel-Sel Confirmation feature which allows you to send an Order Confirmation, via email or fax, immediately after the order is placed. By sending an order confirmation, this not only confirms to the customer that their order was placed successfully, but allows customers to change their orders immediately if they see any errors. It also increases your visibility with your customer, and allows you to add a hospitality message, and/or, a promotional message for future orders.